Voices Beneath Our Waves – Dhaval Radia

It is a beautiful story of love, friendship, and family. No matter how violent or how wrong a person is, if you are family then you are family. You never let go of family. All we can do is try to help them change for the better. Be with them through the rough times. This is one such short story of an estranged family.

The story is narrated by Anna, a coconut –seller who loves his daughter Gutthi whom he found in a temple as a baby. Gutthi helps Anna in selling coconut in the shack near the beach in Mumbai. They both share a special friendship too. Gutthi could find all her answers in Anna. They both enjoy looking at all the different people who frequent the beach every day. One of his customers is Raghu who is a gangster in Mumbai. His wife Maya and he are almost separated because of a poor decision made by Raghu’s father. He ordered that his granddaughter be killed because the first child in the family should be a boy.

This story seems straight forward. You can guess the parents of Gutthi very soon but the turn of events is very intricate and complicated. I really liked the way the story picked up the pace with some unexpected revelations. It is a book that you cannot put down until you read the ending. It was simple and interesting. The special bond between Anna and Gutthi is heart touching. The ending was very fitting and unexpected. I also liked the soulful conversations between Anna and Raghu at the beach. It was very philosophical and gave a lot to think about. Overall it was an amazing read. I rate it 4/5. Thank you Writers Club India for the review copy.

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