Fifteen Minutes Fifteen Seconds – Punit Pundir

It was a refreshing read. You get a lot of insight into spirituality from the book. The author has succeeded in transporting us to Kedarnath and its adjacent places. The book speaks in detail about the human mind and feelings. The biggest plus of this book is that it gives a lot of valuable information and is not very preachy. It is a short book of 62 pages and you could complete it in one go too.

The book starts with Arya practicing Meditation. It is his daily ritual along with drinking alcohol in the evening. The book does not delve deeper into why he took to drinking. But we can understand that Arya got spiritual because of his mother. But his mind keeps oscillating between Spirituality and atheism. Arya and his mother’s family plan to go to Kedarnath. It has been his mother’s dream for so long. So they all go on the trip. But flood occurs and he loses his family. And thereby loses his will to live. He goes on a journey alone to find his purpose.

The book discussed random things like bargaining in the temple markets, how some vendors are greedy and some are honest in these pilgrimage places. I liked that because Arya tried to find the meaning behind why these people acted in that way. And while reading the flood part in the book, I could not help myself from thinking about Kedarnath movie and Sushant. The ending was unexpected and was easily the best part of the book.  Apart from some grammatical errors, the book was interesting to read. If you are looking for an intense short story, please do read this one. I rate it 4/5. Thanks Writers Club India for the review copy.

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