Queens of Crime – Sushant Singh & Kulpreet Yadav

It is a collection of short stories each highlighting a criminal. A woman criminal. It includes all the details of their past, their mindset, their many heists, their escape, their capture, and jail life. It is like a police report. I have not seen one but I think, it would be like this book. The book had all the specific details. It helps us to understand why the criminal did such heinous acts. It is a collection of well-chosen Queens of Crime.

The narrative was excellent. I never felt bored with any of the stories. It had a natural flow. It focuses on the past explaining why these individuals started doing the crime and how they execute it and finally how they get caught. I especially liked the Interesting Facts part at the end of each story. One of the thrilling points of the book for me was realizing that the criminals mentioned in the book who managed to escape from the police could actually be reading this book. I am sure I would definitely want to read about myself if there ever was a book written about me.

The main reason that I felt for all these criminals to loot, kill, smuggle was their greed and money. It was explained clearly with the past of each criminal. One wants to be very rich, one wants to be a successful actress, one wants to be powerful. It was a very interesting book. It would have been great if it was just fiction. But alas, it is the hard truth. It was repulsive to read all the gruesome ways they committed murder, thievery. Again it made me wonder how much a human being can make another human suffer. Overall, it was quite an engrossing book. You could finish it in one go too. I would rate it 5/5. Thank you Writers Club India for the book. It was a fantastic read.

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