Café Indulge – Praveen Kumar

Café Indulge is a Romantic thriller. I rarely read romance this year. After a lot of crime thrillers, this book was refreshing. Quoting Neil Gaiman, “A book is a dream that you hold in your hands” I would say that this book captured the essence of a writer’s life.  The title and the cover are apt for the storyline.

Swayam Shrivastava is a failed writer working on his new book.  His first book was inspired by Sanaya, a beautiful girl, but the book actually fails. He meets Natasha who looks promising as a muse for his second book at the café called Café Indulge. The depth of the characters is developed so well with each chapter. Swayam meets different people to keep writing his novel. He comes to know of Natasha’s husband and daughter. Natasha’s story gets interesting with every chapter. The ending for these characters is a delight to read.

The story was medium paced and I liked that the author focused on giving depth to the characters rather than the pace of the story. The writing is lucid and you can feel the struggles of the protagonist Swayam. The unexpected twists make it interesting. The surprising end is the cherry on top. My favorite part was the lessons that you can take away from this book. One such beautiful thought was there is no coin in the world that does not have a second side. It is up to people who are in possession of that coin how they look at the two faces. There are many more to indulge in this book. I would rate it 4/5. If you are looking for some romantic fiction mixed with suspense, please go for this one. It was worth reading it.

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