Ascending the Summit – Chandan Kumar Pathak

It is a business book that explains the ways in which one can move forward in his/her career. It is a perfect guide not only for freshers but also for experienced professionals and mid-level managers. The simple cover and title of the book say it all. The book is exactly “A practical guide for Career Success.”

The book covers various concepts in career growth. And also starts from the basics. It speaks clearly about how education plays a primary role in shaping one’s career and therefore one’s life as well. It stresses on the importance of our choice of subject in education that will ultimately define our career. The author also explains about leadership and teamwork. It sheds light on how to get the job done from the team and how to manage the work and people. I liked that the author explained all concepts with ample examples so it was easy to follow. The graphs and charts also were useful in understanding the concepts.

I liked that the book had small chapters which made it easier to follow and not drift away. For a non-fiction book, this one was not boring and it keeps you engaged with lots of research and examples. The plus factor is that there are not too many management and business jagrans to put you off. My favorite part was the quotes relating to the situations. The newly developed concept of ‘Theory of Dynamic Career Management’ by the author is quite interesting and is most definitely useful in understanding the ways in which one can move forward in his career.

It is a motivating book with the facts that help us to understand the many hurdles that need to be passed to ascend the summit. I rate it 4/5. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you Writers Club India for the review copy.

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