Meraki – My Affair With Words – Jayamadure Srinivasan


It is a beautiful collection of poems and short stories all about love. The pain of loss can be felt through the words. I liked that there were no character names in any of the stories. Each one was unique and relatable. Everyone would have had such feelings at any point in one’s life. The feelings of misery, friendship, deep loss, and love are put into words so poetically.

My favorite one was the Five of Hearts. It was a cute memory and it made me wish for something like that to happen in my life. It was so magical and romantic. And of course, the chocolate fanatic in me liked the Cadbury memory. I loved the elements of surprise in these memories. It makes me think whether guys like that really exist. If yes, are they lost in the Bermuda Triangle? The author puts in a fun theory in the book discussed between two best friends called the Bermuda Boy theory. The perfect guy might be directionally challenged and is lost in the Bermuda triangle. He will come to you when the time is right and make life beautiful. What a positive thought amidst all the pain. I especially liked the letters to the ex, and girlfriend of the ex. It talks about moving forward and wishing all the happiness for the ex even at the expense of your love. Well, if that’s not true love than I don’t know what is.

I would rate this book 4/5. I simply fell in love with it. Please do read it to feel love, loss and some beautiful memories.  Thank you Writers Club India for the book.

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