The Backbenchers: Unusual Fellows – Sachin Garg


It is all of 162 pages and is a simple yet brilliant take on school life. It made me take a trip down the memory lane. I was a backbencher myself mostly because of my height, not that I wasn’t studious because I was and even I had a problem with breaking the rules. Even now it’s a problem. I get asked often why do I have to do it according to the rules always even at work.  I was able to relate to the lead character Jigyaasu as I was like him during my school days and I was able to identify the other characters as my friends from school. This made reading the book so much more enjoyable.

The characters are strong and make the story interesting. Jigyaasu is an ambitious and clever student who follows rules to the T. He believes that rules are there for a reason. He wants to become the Head Boy of his new school. Radhika is Jigyaasu’s childhood friend who is simple and is a backbencher and enjoys life. Laasya Khurana is popular for not caring for the rules. All that matters to her are her rights and freedom. The story revolves around these characters and the plot becomes quite interesting and leaves you wanting to know more in the end. The narration is simple and easy to understand. The highlight of the book is the characterization and the plot. The ending is well written and is a perfect heads up for the next book as well.

All have good and bad memories of our school life. This book raises some important questions about rules at school and I think it’s important because school is the most important part of everyone’s life. It helps in shaping your character. It helps you to become who you are in society. I wish I was more like Radhika and Laasya from the book. More daring and independent like them.  I wish I could go back to school, except for the part of the exam. Overall, it’s a fun read. I would rate it 4/5. I thank Writers Club India for the book. I enjoyed the book so much that I want to read the other works of Sachin Garg too.

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