Listen To Your Heartbeats – Sonika Shandilya


I will be honest, I was attracted to this book by seeing it’s cover. I know that we should never judge a book by its cover. But I am glad that I got the opportunity to read this book. Thanks to Writers Club India. The story is as beautiful as the cover. It was like walking into a grand Bollywood movie set. The grandeur of Rajasthan, the beauty of travel and love makes this book interesting. It reminded me of Jab we met.
Chirpy Sonam loves All things fun and colorful. She does everything on a whim. She does not want to have a boring and routine life. So for her holidays, she goes to Rajasthan alone while her parents attend some spiritual camp.
RV has some anger issues. But he is the modern Indian prince. More of a rock star prince. Somehow, I pictured Fawad Khan as RV and read the book. It’s a story of love, music, and adventure between these two lovely characters. They go on a musical journey with their friends, fall in love, create some fantastic music and come up with a business plan to turn what they love doing into earning money. That’s the dream situation to be in.
I love that the book is very descriptive of the scenery that the characters enjoy. It’s very picturesque. Actually, I had pangs of jealousy while reading it. I too wanted to tale walk on the luscious lawns of the palace and eat delicious food. I too wanted to go on a holiday and escape my everyday life. And I wanted to get a tattoo too. In fact, I checked out the holiday package rates in Thomas Cook. I don’t have the money but I am glad that I got to see some beautiful places in this book. That’s the magic of this book.
To use the author’s words, this book is all about having the Spirit to live one’s dreams. After reading this book, I felt happy for the characters and inspired by their way of life. Maybe it won’t hurt to be spontaneous once in a while. I would rate this happy book 4/5.

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