The Cinderella of Karnal : A psychological thriller – Reecha Agarwal Goyal

Lately, the books that I have read, focus more on mental health issues. It was not a conscious decision to pick these books but incidentally, they all point to one thing – Mental Well-being. The Cinderella of Karnal was an interesting thriller. It revolves around many issues and social stigmas in India. I would say that this book was surprising and it was a great read for me.

Diya, a girl from Karnal suffers because everyone thinks she is inauspicious because her father died when she was born. She struggles all through her childhood and when forced to marry an unsuitable man, she leaves her house and tries to make a living on her own. She makes it well in life but will her past trouble her present forms the crust of the story.

The writing is simple and plot has many intricate details that makes the book very interesting. It  leaves a cliff hanger in the end and that’s the icing on the cake. I would rate this book 4/5. I would recommend this book to those who are looking to read something fast and thrilling. Thanks Writers Club India for the review copy. 

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