Earth to Centauri: Black Hole Oblivion: One Ship. One Crew. No Escape – Kumar L.

This is book three in the Earth to Centauri series. I really liked the first two ones and was excited to read this one too. It sure delivered in entertainment. I always pick a book with an expectation to be transported to another world. This book was my perfect escape from reality for a few days. It had all the action, drama, and science packed in one awesome story. I really appreciate that the author yet again succeeded in keeping the readers engaged with the right mix of science and fiction.

Captain Anara and her spaceship Antariksh get caught in a black hole from where nothing can escape. The crew tries hard to escape and Anara needs to face her deepest fears to save Earth. The combination of Science and faith really works well in this book. The characters are strong and the science terminologies are used in the right places and make the book more interesting. The writing is simple and fast-paced which makes it all the more enjoyable to read.

This one is a treat to all sci-fi lovers. Even if you are not a fan of Sci-fi, give this one a try because it has all the elements of a great story. The gorgeous cover deserves a special mention too. I rate it 4/5. Thanks Writers Club India for the review copy.

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