Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands: A Self – Help Fiction – Sanjay Desai

The title says it all. It’s the story of a female protagonist who tries to achieve something in life and the author has artfully combined self-help into the story to help us understand the concepts of manifestation better. I was intrigued by the title and the blurb. I was so excited to read this one as I love reading self-help books with great examples especially the ones with a great narrative and a story to help you understand better and implement them in life. So, as I said, the title hit the right buttons for me and I purchased the book immediately and was thrilled to read it.

I must say, the most profound parts of the book for me were the Prologue and the Epilogue. The author mentions in the book that you could skip these parts and yet you would get the story, but I strongly recommend reading them both for beautiful insights into life. It’s a conversation between the author and his spiritual guru. It is really helpful because many might have the same questions that the author asks in their minds and don’t have the means to get them answered. Well, this helps us understand the importance of focus, manifestation, inspiration, and hard work. Plus, the book also encourages us to get up and dust ourselves in case of failure even after working so hard. That’s the main highlight that I take away from this amazing self-help fiction read.

Apart from the mind refreshing conversations in the prologue and epilogue, it also tells the story of Jasmine, a beautiful young girl. She is shy and is an academic topper in her college. Life takes a wild turn when her friends make her participate in a beauty pageant in their college. She wins and is discovered by the famous Ms. Sheena Jaiswal, a modeling agent. From there on she wins the title Miss Mumbai under the guidance of Ms. Jaiswal and she juggles between her academics and her newfound love of the fashion/beauty industry. In her new glamorous life, she meets many influential persons who help her focus, never lose heart, and keep trying to achieve her goal. Does she go on to win the Miss India pageant forms the rest of the story.

You can take a lot out of Jasmine’s experiences in trying to make a name for her. The author has intelligently woven the self – help materials into the story that add great value to the book and help us immensely. The writing is excellent and the narrative flows easily between the parallel worlds of Jasmine and the serene Himalayas. There is never a point where you feel it’s all overwhelming. Everyone wants the best in life. Everyone wants to succeed in their profession. Everyone gives their best. But what you take from these experiences matter a lot than the success itself. Thank you BlogAdda for suggesting this awesome book and I had a great time reading and reviewing this one. I give 4/5 to this self-help fiction.

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