Sitayana – Rajnih Rethesh

It is an amazingly written thriller that will speak directly to the feminist in you. It is true that the world has changed for the better. It is true that women are progressing in all walks of life. Unfortunately, it is also true that women still suffer physical and mental abuse at the home, office, and other places. At home, all the adjustments asked of her are in the name of love for her family. It is not only some men that subject women to abuse, it is also some women who are quick to judge and therefore abuse and cause stress to women in general.

Sitayana has two stories running in parallel. One is about Sitalakshmi, a columnist and writer and another one is about Sita from Ramayana. It compares both of them and highlights how things are still the same from ancient times. It all starts with the disappearance of Sitalakshmi, the writer of a controversial book in which Rama is depicted in a negative way. Sitalakshmi is a devoted wife, mother and who looks after her home as well as her office work. She is the type of woman who does all the work at home. Her husband takes her for granted. Sitalakshmi becomes a leader of the women’s committee of a political party. The leader of the political party is Gauri Naik whom Sitalakshmi admires a lot. Gauri Naik is found murdered in her office. Diana, a police officer is assigned to the Sitalakshmi’s missing case. The story builds up the suspense with each chapter and was a delight to read. I do not want to give away the spoilers.

The narrative was excellent with two parallel stories. The writing is simple and enthralls with suspense. It shows the known mythological story from a different perspective. The story of Sitalakshmi is a must-read and it may serve as a wake-up call for all men and women. I would rate it 4/5. Thanks Writers Club India for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book.

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