How to Communicate Strategically in the Corporate World – Mahul Brahma

This is a perfect manual to help in understanding the importance and the concept of communicating strategically in a corporate world. It is a short book of 40 pages where the message is clear and crisp in each chapter. The examples help very much in understanding the principles. It is easy to understand and will have a positive impact on one’s career if used properly.

The author covers various topics including crisis, crisis management, change management, challenges faced by the organization. Each chapter is well explained with examples. The language is elegant and the narrative helps in understanding the concepts better. It is explained like a story. Even if you are not from the corporate world, the teachings of this book can be used in life too. Overall, the return on investment in this book is very high.

You can take so much from this book that will help in your career growth. Especially, during these Covid times, where Work From Home has become a norm, communicating strategically plays a much bigger role now more than ever. It was a solid 5/5 read for me. Thanks Writers Club India for the review copy.

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