Earth to Centauri: The First Journey – Kumar L

I am a fan of sci-fi thrillers and when I read the blurb of The First Journey, I was definitely intrigued and fascinated to read the book. I am very glad to say that the book highly delivers on the entertainment quotient. It is a fantastic science fiction thriller that has created the perfect base for a series. It was enthralling to get lost in the past and the future. The author has succeeded in transporting us to interstellar space with this thriller. With many facts and explanations about interstellar space, this book keeps you glued to it until the end. Sure the first book of the series has created a lot of expectations for the whole series itself.

It is about an interstellar chase led by Anara when Earth receives an alien signal from the nearest star – Proxima Centauri. Anara is given the latest faster than light spaceship called Antariksh for the mission. Will she be able to surpass all the obstacles and reach her goal? Or will the problems in her own spaceship hinder her way to success? Will she successfully meet the aliens? The book is full of twists and turns and was very interesting to follow the chase.

The language was simple. The narrative was excellent and there was a seamless transition between the past and the future. The story was engaging till the end and makes you want to read the next book in the series immediately. By the way, I really liked the character names. Even the spaceship’s name was very Indian and real. If you really like reading about space, this book will not disappoint you. I would rate it 4/5. Thanks Writers Club India for the review copy.

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