The Darjeeling Ghost – Kulpreet Yadav

The thing that most excited me to read this one was the caption on the book cover that says “Do not read it at night. You have been warned.” This year I read some horror stories and this one stood apart with its eeriness and the characters. It made my heart beat so fast. It was an exciting, haunting thriller of 51 pages.

Rocky and Rhea are engaged. They go to Darjeeling and stay in a bungalow given to them by Rocky’s company where he interns. Rhea has a strange feeling from day one in the new house. It seems that there is a history of that place. Ana, a young girl goes missing a hundred years ago and the case is closed without finding her. Rhea feels that she is being warned by Ana by the impending danger in her life. Rhea gets pulled into a web of drama from the past. It is haunting to read the rest of the story.

The writing is simple. You can follow the story with ease. Like all Kulpreet Yadav’s books, I am most impressed with the characters. The strength of this book lies in the characterization. It is the soul of this book. Since I don’t read a lot of horror genre, I started this book with no expectations. Just the warning on the cover made me read it in one go. I enjoyed the book. It was haunting and I was thrilled to read another spectacular  Kulpreet Yadav’s creation. Thanks Writers Club India for the review copy.

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