Faith and the Beloved – Kochery C. Shibu

I have already read the previous work of Mr. Kochery C. Shibu. It was unique and very refreshing. Yet again he has come up with a unique crime thriller this time. Faith and the Beloved will give you the feeling of watching a crime web series online. The details and the characterization are specific and you could picture the story with Mr. Shibu’s excellent narration.

There are two stories that happen in parallel. Two different worlds are described. One is where Alice Cherokil kills her stepfather Tony and runs away. She wants to protect her mother Naithy Cherokil at all costs. The other one is where two brothers Arun and Prem Rollands are involved. Arun dies mysteriously and Prem is all set to avenge his brother’s death. When both the stories merge, that’s where the real action kicks in. The story is thrilling and is fast-paced. It will keep you hooked onto the book after the first few chapters.

The author also easily pulls in important social issues into the story that makes it even more interesting. The writing is lucid and the narration will keep you on the edge which I think is very important for a thriller. There is no shortage of twists and turns that will surprise you. It is an absolute page-turner. Kochery C. Shibu’s stories are never simple. It has many dimensions and is quite complex. He has matched up to the expectations that he created after his first book with his unique crime thriller. I would rate Faith and the Beloved 4/5. Please read it if you are looking for a unique crime thriller.

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