Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur – Jason Kothari

This book served as a perfect distraction during these trying times. Especially after hearing disturbing news of death, this book gives hope and inspiration. It is one of the best non-fiction books that I have read this year. The title is so apt for the book. It perfectly describes Mr. Jason Kothari. His experiences will make you marvel at his spirit and passion. One of the traits that inspired me was his perseverance. He slowly worked hard to become a better version of himself.

I absolutely liked that the author remembers his first-ever negotiation so very clearly. How that moment kindles his spirit to become an entrepreneur is exciting to read. I have always wondered how it would be if I had studied in another country. After reading this book, I am glad that I studied in my motherland where I belonged. The sense of belonging is quite important. I would not have survived what Mr. Kothari went through in his school just because he was an outsider. But reading from his experiences, I am inspired by the fact that he did not give up. He did not lose perspective. He worked on his skills and always wanted to get hands-on experience in the business. He did some very cool internships, I would say.

The writing is simple and easy to understand. I learned some new words as well. He explained the business concepts through his life experiences and it was very informative. It was interesting to read about how his interest in becoming an entrepreneur started in his formative years. I really liked that he explained the purpose of the internship so effortlessly. You do an internship to learn the maximum out of the job and the business. It is not just something that you get it done so that you could add it to your resume. I wish I had realized that sooner.

Jason Kothari’s kickboxing training gave him many life lessons. He used everything in his business. I admire his passion and courage that made him bid for Valiant Entertainment. The amount of hard work that he put before the auction is tremendous. Juggling between college and his passion and not cutting the slack on both is huge and he did that all because he loved his comics and he had a big dream for it. His hard work and spirit shine through not just Valiant but also in all his projects where he turned around the business. One of the most important lessons from this book that I really liked was how he picked himself up after his failures. Those experiences made him only grow stronger and he worked hard to reach where he is now.

Never give up on your dreams. Let children pursue their interests so that they could find their niche early and become better at it. You must Dream big no matter what others will say. People may laugh at you for your dreams, they might even think that you are stupid to even think of trying; well all of those people must read this book. Yes, the dreamers, their parents, and the one who always judge them must read this book. The story of Jason Kothari is inspiring and will be a great influence. Like they say, in the end, we only regret the chances that we didn’t take. So please do read this one. I sincerely recommend it to all. I rate it 4/5.

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