Eat So What! The Power of Vegetarianism – La Fonceur

IMG_20200530_194846_982I believe that people who love food are the best people. I love food. I don’t know why, but I always had the habit of asking my friends at school, college, and now at work “What did you bring for lunch today?” It’s not that I gobble up food at every opportunity and eat so much, but I love food and I have always associated it with family because we make it a point to have our meals together at least once a day.  I learned and enjoyed reading La Fonceur’s Secret of Healthy Hair and I was excited to read this one as well.

I liked the author’s writing style as it was simple and easy to comprehend. The concepts are explained with examples and pictures which makes it easier to follow. The book explains all the benefits of being a vegetarian. There were some inside that I didn’t come across the internet before. It’s so common nowadays to find so much about nutrition and diets on the Internet. I myself have browsed the web about healthy diets but this book gave a clear perception and broke everything into simple steps.

Nutrition is the most important part of being healthy. So La Fonceur explains what foods are nutritious and the source of proteins, fats, and healthy vitamins and minerals. All the health benefits of vegetarianism almost made me want to become a vegetarian. But the hardcore non-vegetarian in me couldn’t. But I now know what healthy vegetarian food is and I will choose it for five days of the week and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would rate 4/5. Thank you Writers Club India for the book.

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