Quarantined: Love in the time of Corona -Mahul Brahma

IMG_20200427_201300_272When the whole world is fighting against Corona by practicing social distancing, the many things that we have taken for granted have become unreachable. That short walk in the park to cool you off seems unreachable. The weekly visit to your favorite restaurant has become unreachable. The office and school seem distant. We are all doing our best to fight this war against Corona. The author emphasizes this fight in the first few pages of the book. The much praise for the author from well-known celebrities and the heavy resume of the author was interesting enough for me to read Mr.Mahul’s book. It is a short book of 30 pages and you can finish it in one go. With the lockdown, this book was quite interesting and the title says it all. Its a set of 6 love stories set during the time just before the lockdown was announced. How the lockdown affects the relationships and how Corona spreads because of “Love” is written well.

The language was simple and the narrative was easy to follow. The stories are unique and revolve around corporate life explaining how there is no time for true love and how the characters go astray easily. This quarantine can be a blessing if we can understand our relationships and change for the better. One of the stories that stood out was that of the doctor in the village who gives his best to care for his patients. If that is not love then I don’t know what is. It was heartbreaking to read how the villagers become ungrateful when what he did was noble. In the end, it makes you want to respect the doctors, nurses, and all the other health care workers more for their commitment and sacrifice.

In this lockdown, give this book a read. I would rate it 4/5. This is the second short story collection that I have read this year and it was an interesting read. Especially in these trying times, books surely are a good escape. Thanks, Writers Club India for the book.

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