Who Stole My Time? – Sunil Mishra

IMG_20200422_204534_212“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” – Theophrastus.

How true are the above words? All most of us do today is spend time on our phones. The smartphone has become an essential part of our lives. Of course with any technology, there is good and bad. As much as smartphones and social media keep us connected, they are addictive as well. This book is aptly titled and sheds light on the effects of social media on our lives. The cover also delivers a strong message. The amazing part of the book is that it gives so much information without being preachy. That’s one good reason to pick up this book.

The book starts with three friends Satvik, Sandeep and Ashok from the IIT Delhi meeting after a long gap of 25 years. They go to Goa for a vacation and spend time in a café with a no phone theme. That gets them talking about how social media has become so addictive and how people forget to live in the moment. They recollect their memories of life before the smartphone. They share about the games they used to play and how much time they spent outdoors. While on the topic, they come up with an idea of creating a social media app called ‘Paybook’ that pays the users for their engagement. How the app works out for the three friends is the rest of the story.

The author gives more information as a discussion among three friends and it makes it easy to understand. The characters are so relatable. We would have seen all the three friends in our circle. In fact, we would have discussed the pros and cons of social media too. But this book shows that research has been done to explain in detail about the brain and neurons and how excessive use of technology can affect the brain. One standout character in the book is Ramesh who runs a rehab center. It is eye-opening at many levels. I would rate it 4/5 for this brilliant book that focuses on the real issue we face today. Especially it is a read for the millennials who have not experienced the pre-smartphone era. Thanks, Writers Club India for the book.

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