‘8 Down’ From Saharanpur – Saurabh (Kumar L)

IMG_20200310_213922_011It is indeed a collection of stories to touch your heart. The genres of the short stories vary from horror, patriotism, mythology to revenge. It was a breeze to read through the short stories. I am glad that I read this book as it was short and packed with a punch in each story. The underlying message from each story is easy to understand. I loved the narrative of this book. Each story had a beautiful structure. The description of the scenes was so minute and helped in better understanding the story. All the points were relevant. There was no beating around the bush. The pace and tone of the book were excellent.

I have more than one favorite from this book. I liked the one with the warrior in the deep jungle facing a life-changing moment. To realize who the warrior was, in the end, was thrilling.  I liked the one with the pre-independence India theme. The pain and the danger of the situation were conveyed so beautifully.

Each story was unique. The stories are so interesting that you would want to finish them in one go. This book made me fall in love with short stories and I am looking forward to reading more short stories in the future.

I would recommend this book to all who are looking for something short and entertaining to read as it covers a variety of genres. I would rate it 5/5. Thank you Writers Club India for the book.

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