The Crossfire Of Love – Dhiren Tiwari

IMG_20200213_231548_636I thought that this would be another romantic fiction. But I was pleasantly amazed that it turned out to be more than a simple love story. There are two main characters. Amaan reluctantly goes back to his homeland Attanooga which is his kingdom too. He goes there to fulfill his mother, the Attanooga’s Queen’s last wishes. Saira, a journalist helps to expose unjust celebrities. But she is given the job of covering the life and times of the late queen of Attanooga. Will she be able to do it while facing her ex-love Amaan? Her memories of the past make it difficult.

Trapped between her ambition and failed relationship, Saira does not want to lose the chance to put everything straight in her life. Will she succeed in doing that or will she get caught in the crossfire of love?

The story was fascinating. The twists and conspiracies make it quite exquisite. The narrative is straightforward. It’s fairly easy to follow. The power of the book lies in the back story of each character. It gives depth to the book. I would rate the book 4/5. It was a hearty read and I would recommend it to all this love season. Thank you Writers Club India for the chance to read and review this book.

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