The Last Love Letter – Kulpreet Yadav

IMG_20200124_223127_110It’s not about having the perfect relationship. It’s about finding someone who matches you and will go through everything without giving up. So can you truly forget your first love and take the chance of falling in love again.

This book is about two individuals who lost their first love. Akash, a marketing professional lost his beloved wife Nisha due to illness. He tries to gather up his life for the sake of his daughter Sarah. He reads the last love letter that his wife has written for him before her death every day to keep him surviving. It makes you wonder how can someone love a person with such zeal.

Subah is an artist and also runs an NGO to help women. Her father never cared for or respected her mother. Her first love left her for another woman. So she thinks all men are self-centered. She hates them. Anyone in her place would definitely think like her. So she is always extra cautious around men and doesn’t trust them easily. Her perception of men changes when she meets Akash. The story gets really interesting when both of their lives collide. Will they find their true love? Will their past let them make new memories with someone else?

This book was a breeze to read. The narrative was harmonious and easy to comprehend. I especially loved the lead characters. They are very strong individuals. As a woman, I want to be like Subha. She is strong, independent and supports other women to empower their lives. I want to be like Nisha too. I want to love like Nisha. She is the light. Radiant through her soul and brightening others’ lives too. I want to read more books where the women are tough and affectionate. It inspires me. Thank you Writers Club India and Shristi Publications for this amazing book. I would heartily rate it 5/5.

On a lighter note, The Last Love Letter makes you wish that you too had letters from someone. As Akash says, Letters are indeed a symbol of permanence.

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