Love Unexpected – Ritu Kakar


Sometimes, the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life. Love Unexpected is a very cute story. It captures the life of Kaira. Her first love or you can say infatuation shatters her life. She loses her confidence and her positive, hyper nature. Her family helps her to come out of it. Her ambitions of opening the Cafe Library drives her. She meets her Mystery Man often falling in his arms. Her love is just that. Love unexpected. The ideal title for the book.

All the characters are so beautiful. Tasha, the best friend and sister-in-law, Sam, the brother, Drew, the ex, and Aveer, the mystery man. Kaira’s family is a tight-knit family. You could see the love and friendship oozing in the pages. The narrative was interesting. The past weaved in perfectly with the present. All described as memories reminisced by Kaira. Though a little filmy, her meetings with Aveer are a delight to read. Their snarky comments and the ease with which they speak with each other is lovable. It’s a small book of 192 pages and I read the book so fast as I wanted to know her fate in the end.

The best thing for me was the Cafe Library. It feels like a dream, the way it’s described Those high ceilings, glass doors, and sea-facing outdoors are magnificent. And of course, lots and lots of books. I envied Kaira. I wanted to be there. It’s a dream to be in a cafe like that. I wish we had one in Chennai like that.

It’s a simple love story of Kaira trying to overcome her fears, betrayal of the past and fall in love again. You would enjoy Kaira’s journey if you are a hopeless romantic like me. Do read this one, it gives you the Valentine’s Day feelings. I would rate the book 4/5. Thank you Writers Club India for the lovely book.

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