Chase Your Life Dreams – Alka Dixit

As the title suggests, this book helps you to understand ways to chase your life dreams. It helps to prepare your mind to live life in the best possible way. This is the first Self-help book that I have read. I found it easy to understand. There is no big conceptual talk involved. It’s quite simple to understand. The book is in three parts. Train Your Mind, Face the Storm, Chase your life. There are some exercises given at the end of each chapter too.
It was easy to follow because of the examples given. Of the many things that I loved about the book, these points will always stay with me. Overlooking some mistakes may make life easier. But there is a limit to what extent we can overlook. Never overlook others’ behavior at the expense of your self-respect. Read books, listen to music and play with children. Overcoming temptations is very important. Face the storm no matter what. Forget, forgive and be happy.
It is not preachy. It speaks what you want to hear in your difficult times. I think everyone needs a book like this to put everything into perspective. I enjoyed reading the book and intend to practice what I have read. For my first time reading a self-help book, it was interesting and I learnt more about life. I would rate the book 4/5. Thank you Writers Place India for the book. I am glad that I got to read this one.

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