Rose’s Bent Stem: Girl Tangled – Nomita Khanna

IMG_20191222_195326_575.jpgDepicted as the Best Thriller of 2019 on the cover, I was eager to finish it in one go. I did finish it soon and not in one go though. I needed some pause in between to digest what I was reading. It was dark and intense. I have never read anything like this before.
I can’t believe it’s based on a true story. It’s scary. There is not one murder but four. So everything overdoses in the book. Murder, drugs, and intensity. There is Too much information on drugs. The name, dosage, results and side effects are all given clearly. Well, you get everything on google nowadays. So no point in harping on how it’s not suitable for children.
Tana works for Vikram Patel, a rich tycoon as an in-house nurse for his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s. The wife dies and soon after he marries Tana. Her married life turns out to be a disaster. She is taunted by the housemaid. The husband tortures her and she resorts to drugs. She already has a very bad childhood. Her Parents were unbelievable. How childhood affects one’s personality is so evident in this book. You never know what one is capable of doing.
The book is a series of diary entries. The diary is her confidante. She pours her heart into it. Mainly to help her remember the events of the day because she is on drugs and tends to have blackouts often. Each entry is titled with kids rhymes. It’s quite bizarre. How human minds work is astonishing.
Anyone would destroy their lives if they had such parents. It’s all Bad parenting. Always criticizing and never encouraging. Never satisfied with you. This will drive anyone to the edge. Of course, she becomes a drug user.
The author weaves a murky thriller which is unusual. I’m frightened to think that someone out there had a life like this. The writer leaves you to guess who she was in the book with a small clue in the afterword of the book. You wonder how much is true and how much is fiction in this book.
I would rate it 3/5. Thank you, writers club India for the book. It’s a Serious and a gray thriller. It’s true that People are unknowable. As it’s reiterated in the book. That’s what stays in your mind at the end of the book.

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