The Sweetest Accident – Shrey Sharma

IMG_20191216_191602_322.jpgTis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. That’s all I can think about after finishing the book. It is the author’s love story. And I must say, Mr. Shrey Sharma is so confident in his work that he actually offered a money back if I did not like the book.  I was intrigued and started reading the book.

The story starts with Shrey Sharma eagerly waiting to enjoy his semester holidays at home with his family. He has a lovely time playing with his cousins and eating delicious home cooked meals. A surprise text on facebook changes everything.  Mishita, the most beautiful girl of his class during the school days starts talking to him on facebook.  I have heard many love stories that originate online. But this one indeed was the sweetest love story that I have read. Giving Nicknames to each other, having silly fights, making each other laugh, finishing each other’s sentences, waiting for the messages are all beautifully written. Slowly friendship turns into love.  They survive the Long distance relationship. It makes me think of the song What a wonderful life! When you are in love, everything seems wonderful. But Shrey and Mishita had other beautiful hindi songs to express their love and I liked them too.

I liked that the book focussed on all good things in the long distance relationship. How they survived the distance and cherished each other was so inspiring. The problem was from external factors and not because of each other.

The love notes are to die for. I liked them the best in this book. There is so much innocence, love, joy and pain in those letters and notes to each other. His words pull you into his memory and make you relive it with him. The lead characters were so perfect for each other. I guess they are the luckiest ones on earth for having found each other and shared such lovely moments together. Whether they  end up together or not, it didn’t matter in the end for me. To have lived and loved the way that these characters did, I think they can never be apart.  One must have immense courage to share his love story with the public and now I understand why Mr. Sharma was so confident about his work. He truly believed in his love which in turn makes you love his story as well. If you are looking forward to read a sweet love story this holiday season, do read this one. It will transport you to another world where you will experience love, joy, pain and all sweet things in life.

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