A Useful Death – Sriram Chellapilla

IMG_20191023_153145_158.jpgDeath in the first chapter is always my kind of book. Described as “A suicide. An attempted cover-up. And then the questions begin… ” on the cover, I was very excited to read this book by Mr. Sriram Chellapilla.

As per the title, A useful Death, revolves around the death of an aspiring actress Priya. It’s a suicide and it gets complicated when the names of the big shots of the Telugu film industry are involved. It turns out to be a huge scandal. Media goes crazy over the issue. Fixers Partha, Harish and Seema are hired to handle the crisis. Is it just another film industry scandal or something more? Why are the student unions and the ruling party are involved?

To read what actually drove Priya to death, was nerve wracking. It all reminded me of Dumbledore’s famous words, ” Words are in my not so humble opinion our most inexhaustible source of magic capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it. ” You always need a friend / support system when you are absolutely down. Words of encouragement can do wonders. But when that one person whom you trust the most, turns against you, it can be very painful.

A unique, simmering and fast-paced story, A Useful Death was so good to read. It’s an absolute page turner. With a lot of background information, intricate knots and detailing, the narrative was brilliant. Unexpected twists and a fitting end made this book all the more interesting to read. I would rate the book 3.5/5 stars.

Thank you writers melon for the review copy of the book. I cherish our relationship so much and many thanks for giving me the opportunity to review such lovely books.

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