Nobody’s Child – Kanchana Banerjee

IMG_20191010_200748_345.jpgThis is Not an ordinary story. It left me speechless and I just couldn’t get myself out of this book. It just stuck with me or should I say I was stuck in its world. To be honest I have never read anything as Bold as this book in recent times. Dreams come true. Unfortunately the darkest ones come true. You can’t call them dreams. You would not want even your enemies to go through such pain. Imagine being in hell and you have no way out. Even if you think about escaping innocent lives will be lost. That’s the world where Asavri is put into.

Asavri is such a unique and beautiful name. It all starts with a singing reality show Indian Koel in which Asavri Bhattacharya participates. She is immensely talented and is poised to be the winner of the show. She finds solace in Avniel who is a journalist. Her world turns upside down when an accident occurs and everyone thinks that she is dead. Avniel writes a book based on Asavri ‘s life and earns lots of money. Meanwhile the runner-up Tanya Pratap Singh is awarded the Indian Koel title. Her mother Kamini cashes in on her daughter’s stardom and rises up in the political ladder. All of this collapses when Asavri is found in the Mumbai streets. She becomes unrecognizable. Who is responsible for Asavri’s distorted state? Why is she muttering the name Monty? This is fiction writing at its best with reality shows, politics, goons and power hungry personalities.

It’s raw, Unapologetic and keeps you intrigued throughout. How the author ties the plot together with ease is amazing. The writing is simple and is easy to follow the story line. This book is the one to go for if you are looking for a quick thriller. You couldn’t put it down until you finish reading it. I would give it a big 4.5/5 stars for the sheer courage of the author to come up with such a strong and bold story. I think it’s commendable because this story gives hope. Though Asavri is put through hell, she tried hard and took the opportunity to come out of that world. She wanted to survive. She wanted to change her world. The things that she did after getting out of the house and her treatment speaks a lot about her courage and the will power to get back her life. Yes this story is dark, yet it gives hope and it is inspiring. Thank you writers melon for the review copy. It was my pleasure to read and review this book.

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