Alumni of the Year – Tomson Robert


It’s a fantastic short book on work life balance. I’m really glad that I read this book. I absolutely liked how the author captures the essence of a corporate guy’s life. There’s always an important project and an even more important promotion depending on it. You always keep running towards your next goal in corporate life.

Dave Thomas is an ambitious management consultant working for JW Associates. There’s an important project to be done and his promotion to Senior Partner depends on it. He excels in his work and goes home to enjoy Netflix and some video games. Though he loves his wife and daughter very much, he does not spend enough time with them. His daughter becomes distant because of that. They go on a vacation to their native place where Dave cherishes some of the best and worst memories of his school days. There’s a school reunion function and Alumni of the year competition. Does Dave wins the competition, does all his problems are solved forms the rest of the story.

The narrative is simple and flows seamlessly back and forth to the past and present life of Dave Thomas. The school memories were my favorite. The friends, school election, debates, Jose etans tea shop will help walk you down the Memory Lane. The scenic beauty of Goa and Kochi is described beautifully and makes you want to visit those places.

I liked that the book was not very preachy and yet you can take many valuable lessons from this book. You do not always have to run behind success. Do what feels right and give your best. Leave everything to God and rest will fall in place. It was a pleasant read for me and I would recommend it to all. I would give it 4/5 stars. Thank you writers melon for letting me read and review this book.

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