The Heist Artist – Vish Damijha

IMG_20190324_122707_068.jpgIt had all the elements of Vish Damijha’s work. The suspense built up in each chapter, attention to detail and the unexpected twist in the end were all there. Only thing missing was the courtroom drama that I have come to expect in every Vish Damijha book. But it was a fantastic read nonetheless.

The story line is interesting and the narrative was simple and easy to follow. I could visualize the author’s thoughts while reading it. There were punches at the right places to make the book all the more entertaining. The chase was thrilling to read. Of course it could be made into a movie as well.

Vagh Pratap Singh aka Captain is a conman who is in the hiding after having smuggled some weapons. A heist project comes his way and he dons the role of an art professor in Delhi for it. Uddham Kumar, a politician/goon wants the very famous Poppy Flowers painting by Vincent Van Gogh which is rumoured to be in India. So he hires the Captain to find the painting and to steal it. He appoints Sylvia, who does detective work for him to monitor the Captain. Uddham does not trust the Captain and wants to kill him once he acquires the painting. So he sends one of his men Damodar along with Sylvia to accompany the Captain on the heist.

Once the Captain acquires the painting, does he escape from Uddham and his goons and other search parties who wants to have the 200 hundred million dollar painting is very thrilling to read. It gives adrenaline rush to follow the theft and the chase after.

I highly recommend it if you like reading crime fiction. It is riveting and makes you want to finish it to know the ending. I got the feels of reading false impressions and honor among thieves by Jeffrey Archer. Thank you Writers melon and Vish Damijha for the complimentary copy of the book. It was a Solid 5 stars read for me.

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