Death of dreams – Shruti Agrawal


It is a cluster of quotes and poems. The young writer surprises you with the choice of words and the depth of the subject. While reading it I felt like she put into words what everyone struggles to express. I went back to it again and again to find strength.

One day or the other you will need this. That’s life for you.

My most favorite one is…

My soul is drowning,

With tears of pain & sorrows

But my words carry the strength

To hold me up and rise

Above the pillars

That surround me.

Though the title may sound negative, the book is very inspiring. It is so beautiful that you can keep repeating it to move on or to help you endure pain. You can write it on your diary Or write it as inspirational quote for someone else.

My 2019 looks more positive with books like these. I would definitely recommend to read this beautiful cluster of poems and quotes. I know that this book will stay with me for a long time.

I would rate it 4/5. Thank you Shruti Agrawal for writing such a wonderful book.

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