Bestseller – Ahmed Faiyaz

IMG_20190105_130127_274.jpgThe last read of 2018 for me was amazing. Bestseller is a humorous read revolving around the world of Indian publishing. It is a witty and engaging presentation of the business of books in India.

Our hero here is Akshay Mathur whose book does not do well in the market and ends up being the editor of a struggling publishing house in India. Akshay needs to deliver 5 bestsellers within a year.

I have always thought that being paid to read is the best job in the world. And indeed AK has the best job. Finding out the gem from lots of rocks and the satisfaction that you chose the right book when it does well in the market are the perks of being an editor of a publishing company.

So AK is amidst Wannabe writers, competitors, movie adaptations, success parties, and launch parties. It stresses on how a good promotion of the book is also important to support a great book. And also how Promotion of books alone can’t help boost sales of an average book. Does AK manage to save the company by delivering 5 bestsellers is the rest of the story.

It is an Interesting and a light read. The writing is simple making it all the more enjoyable to read. I give 5 stars for this hilarious and captivating story. So if you are looking to read something light and happy this new year, then definitely give Bestseller a go.

Thank you writers melon and Rupa publications for the review copy. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys.

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