Just Missed – Himanshu Bhatia

IMG_20181227_163111_862.jpgJust Missed – Himanshu Bhatia is full of love and friendship. It felt like I saw a super hit feel good Bollywood romantic movie. You can feel the love in the air while reading this book.

It is the story of two Best friends falling in love. Siddharth is an ambitious person who does not have time for love. But his parents think otherwise and decide to register him in a matrimonial site and find the perfect pair for their son. One such proposal is Shreya. They spend time with each other and then their families meet. Marriage is fixed by their parents. Everything changes when Shivam enters Shreya’s life. Shivam is an extravagant flirt with a sad past. He annoys Shreya a lot and becomes her arch nemesis. Love triangle among the three characters unfolds beautifully in this book.

Most favorite thing about the book for me was the ideal date. Such lovely moments written so beautifully. I wished that I could’ve been Shreya at that point. It is every girl ‘s dream to feel special and be pampered by their partner. And the author has captured it well.

The best part of the book is that the hero wants his girl to be happy always. He never does anything to upset her. He loves her unconditionally. That’s all he does. That’s what you call perfect love.

It has all the elements to be made into a Bollywood movie and I would definitely watch it. Beautiful set of characters placed in well written story. Perfect twist in the end that makes the climax quite awesome. This book definitely makes the love in you dance.

It was a 4/5 star read. Thank you Himanshu Bhatia for the review copy. I enjoyed reading your book.

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