The Alpha Yeti – SUM


It was thrilling. I had no expectations going into the book and was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t put the book down towards the end. The anticipation to know the ending was high. It had the perfect twist in the end which was totally not expected. It was a 4/5 read for me.

It transfers you to a whole another world of mountains and snow and dangerous beasts. As they say, books are uniquely portable magic that makes you to travel into different worlds, this book was successful in drawing the perfect picture of Mountain of Nirmalaya, the Good white yetis and the Evil grey yeti, the tribal people of the snowy region.

There are two types of yetis. The white ones live in peace with the humans in the mountain and they don’t trespass into the tribe’s dwelling place. The grey yeti is rebellious and fights until it gets what it wants.

It all starts when humans try to conquer nature. A group of men try to climb the icy mountain of Nirmalaya and use ammunition to damage the mountain. As a result, the habitat of the yetis is destroyed and the grey yeti – the alpha yeti tries to avenge it.

The tribal people go into hiding fearing the alpha yeti. So Wurli, son of the chief tries to bring a pack of famous hunters to kill the yeti. They refuse and he kidnaps the hunter’s daughter and lures them to the icy mountains. What happens to the daughter, whether the hunters succeed in killing the alpha yeti is the rest of the story.

It is very engaging. The final fight scenes are very descriptive and well written. It’s like you are also in that mountain and want to warn the hunters about the yeti. This book was very different from all other books that I have read this year and I enjoyed it a lot. If you are looking for a fantasy thriller with beasts and hunters and mountains then definitely read The Alpha Yeti. Thank you writers melon for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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