Chanakya – Ashok K Banker


Lately, I am reading a lot of mythological stories and this book was too good. The humble beginnings of Chanakya is beautifully presented. It is short and crisp. It has laid the perfect foundation for an entertaining series. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
Chanakya as a small boy is quite hard to imagine. But all geniuses do have a humble beginning. And this is the story of Vishnu Gupta who is a child prodigy. He knows all the shlokas and Vedas and has a wonderful time in his village’s gurukul. His childhood friendship with Vaishali is too cute. The story takes a turn when Vishnu Gupta’s family leave to pataliputra so that his father could attend a conference. Vishnu’s genius is recognized by the Prime Minister Maha amatya karthikeya. But Vishnu’s belief in pataliputra is totally shaken after certain injustices right before his eyes. He is helpless to take action immediately. So he prepares himself by observing and learning more about nyaya and anyaya. Will he succeed in his mission is rest of the story.
The strength of this book lies in its characters. Vishnu Gupta the child prodigy is depicted so well. Each incident accentuates his intelligence. How differently he reads a situation from others is remarkable. Maha amatya karthikeya is the perfect villain. He is power-hungry. Everyone fears his name and the mere whispering of his name “Rakshasha” results in execution.
So many parts stand out in this book. The Blind man execution scene was terrific. It was like watching a movie. The stark contrast between the typical Brahmin life and the darker underworld of the big city is written so well.
🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 for this book. Thank you Writersmelon for the review copy. It was a pleasure reading and reviewing this book.

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