Mango people in Banana Republic – Vishak Shakthi

IMG_20180515_142704_288.jpgThank you Vishak Shakthi and writers melon for the review copy. I liked the personal note from the author. I started reading it with a happy feeling. It was very different from what I’ve read so far.
It was witty and every worker in this world could relate to the book. There are many detailed explanations about kundalini powers. This book enlightens us about the mind and body in a not very preachy manner.
It is about Ravi Bhalerao, a strategy consultant who is not happy with his job. An unfair appraisal pushes him to do an outrageous act and finally he flees to his native land in search of his identity, the truth and peace. There he is disheartened by the plight of the farmers and formulates a strategy to help them. But again more farmer suicides makes him disturbed. He finds love in Madhu, a member of the mango party who also fights for the cause of the farmers and the welfare of the villagers. Her death leads to a series of events where he consents to bomb a temple.
He then meets Anand who helps him in understanding more about his body and mind and cures his long time ailment. There are some twists in the end which makes the book very interesting.
Some lessons that I learnt from this book are that we should forgive and forget the bad things that have happened to us in order to move forward. Take negativity away and get healed. We will be able to find the inner peace. Mind is very much connected to the body. Only when the mind is free from negativity and bad thoughts, one will be able to lead a healthy and happy life.

I would recommend this book to all. It is funny and spiritual. It is a balanced read. It makes me want to practice leaving all the negativity and to keep my mind and body healthy. 3 ½ stars for this lovely book.

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