Murderous Greed – Arun K. Nair


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 / 5 for this book.
I started reading this book with no expectations. It was a thrilling and a wonderful read for me. As I read it on Kindle while commuting to office, I just couldn’t wait to know the end. It was very engrossing.
It is a Cop story based in Chennai. It all starts with a robbery and two murders in one of the main areas of Chennai very early in the morning. The police doubt the bikers who were already involved in a series of chain snatching events that happened earlier. The police investigation process was thrilling. It forms a heart wrenching story and you want justice to be restored.
The narrative was clean and simple with interesting flashbacks. It was like watching a good Tamil movie. There are places in the book where your heart will beat faster in fear for the life of the character in the book. It has reality etched all over. You will feel for the victims of chain snatching. How innocent lives are affected by the greediness of some people forms the essence of this amazing book.
I enjoyed reading this thriller. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to complete a book while travelling. It is too good. I am looking forward to readΒ  the next book by the author.

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