Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar – Kochery C. Shibu


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 for this book.
I love this book. It has easily made into my most favorite books list. The plot is interesting. The narrative with each character’s story is gripping.
It’s about a hydel power project in the remote Himalayas where three people are brought together by fate.
Nanda, an engineer from Kerala knows kalari and uses it for defense. He gets into trouble when his cousin is killed by their families’ enemies. So he runs from the law and goes to work in the dam construction site at Dhauladhar.
Khusru, is sent away from his parents to live with his uncle. When his uncle dies, he is taken into a training camp by a terrorist group. He lives a nomadic life doing the terrorists bidding. He joins as a labourer at the campsite.
My most favorite character was Rekha. She is a Doctor who loves to dance. So she pursues her passion in kathak dance in spite of all the “get married soon” pressures from her family. She is bold and keeps looking for the love that makes her heart go Dha dhin dhin na.
It’s a complete entertainer which has love, mystery, terrorists, investigation and a huge dam.
It does not feel like fiction in most places. It states the reality of life perfectly. All those in the campsite have a special story. They are brought together to build a dam. Each one has to struggle to fulfill their dreams.
Dams can’t be built in one song like how they show in movies. The technical details are provided in detail. The author also emphasizes how nature plays a major role in the construction business.
Death is shocking and then becomes a routine in the campsite. Though there are problems in everyone’s life you just plough on and try to achieve your dreams.
My most favorite part was speaking / listening to the snow clad mountain peaks. It makes you connect with nature. While I read it, I felt that I should be talking with nature too. After all it’s God’s best gift for us.
I would recommend this book to all. The nature of life is conveyed by the author beautifully. Thank you Kochery C. Shibu for the review copy.

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