Something I never told you – Shravya Bhinder


Three and a half stars for this book. It is a sweet love story. It is short and I finished it in a day.
Ronnie loves Adira. But he lacks confidence and fails to express his love each time. Fate gives Ronnie A second chance when Adira joins his office and both are chosen to go to Australia for A project. Rajbir, their manager mentors Ronnie to find his confidence and strength to express his love to Adira. Will Ronnie’s one-side love succeed is the rest of the story.
I liked the way in which the flashbacks were included in the story. It will remind you of your college days and crushes back then. The sweet hesitation in approaching the most beautiful girl is wonderfully written. The love quotes in between were my favorite.
“Love filled a space in my heart, space which I did not know existed.”
“For long I have not been able to find myself, l am still lost in you.”
This book is the perfect example of how insecurities will affect your relationship. Let go and be free. Be yourself and natural. If a person does not like you for being you then I think that person is not the right one. That’s what Ronnie’s boss Rajbir tries to convey.
Though there are a few grammatical errors, it’s a cute story with lovable characters and you want to know the ending.
Thank you caspipum and Shravya Bhinder for the review copy. Thanks to @shilpareads for the book recommendation.

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