Die for you – Lisa Unger


‘Unger grabs the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go.’
When I read this one line review on the first page of a book, I couldn’t resist buying this second hand book from the Chennai Book Fair 2018.
Isabel Connelly,a writer is married to Marcus Raine and lives a happy life though she had a difficult childhood. One day, Marcus leaves for work and never comes back. She is frightened for his life after receiving a strange call from his phone. At his office, a dramatic raid takes place in which she’s knocked unconscious. Investigation starts and many ugly truths are discovered.
Where is he and who is he are questions no one seems able to answer. But Isabel will not rest until she discovers the truth about the man she—including her own life.
It’s a roller coaster ride from glamorous New York City to the twisted streets of Prague, seeking an answer to the questions: Why did he do this to her? what is his full story?
The narrative was simple. Each chapter was better than the last one. It picked up pace in the first few pages.The ending was a bit disappointing for me though. It lacked the bang in the end. On the whole, it was an interesting read.
I give 3 stars for this book.
One thought that I take from this book is that one should accept oneself. To be loved is good. But when you love yourself you could be more loving towards others.


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