Glitter and Gloss – Vibha Batra


🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 for this book.
First things first. The acknowledgement of this book was unique. I always get excited about a good acknowledgement /dedication page. In a way, it makes a perfect entry into the story.

It is about a make up artist named Misha. It starts with her meeting Akshay Agarwal, the heir of Agarwal Jewellery. They fall in love soon. But when they want to get married, it’s the approval of Akshay’s sister that matters. Misha gets so caught up in getting Didi’s approval and loses her friends and herself. Will they get married or not is the rest of the story.

It was like a good Bollywood movie with the right amount of comedy, romance, suspense and finally a beautiful climax. Those witty dialogues and Bollywood references cracked me up in lots of places. It was a total entertainer for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are looking for a light and happy book, then please do read this book.

Thank you Vibha Batra for the review copy.

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