The other side of me – Sidney Sheldon


I just picked this one in a used bookstore in Bengaluru. I love old books so much. I went in blindly with this book. I didn’t even read the blurb. I was pleasantly surprised. Before writing books, there is whole other side of the famous author’s life. It was interesting to read in detail about the famous studios in Hollywood, Broadway, screenplay writing, and American television. It’s all about the show business.
In order to achieve his dreams, he constantly put himself out there. No matter what job he had or how poor he was, he was always sincere and gave his best to the job. That’s the lesson that I take from this book.
A creative genius like him also suffered from depression. One quote that touched my heart and will always stay with me is that
“Life is like a novel. It’s filled with suspense. You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page.”
So if things aren’t going your way now, don’t lose heart. Your life may change soon. You should not close the book too soon.
It’s a four star read for me. If you like Sidney Sheldon books, do read this book to know the other side of the author.

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