The Diary of a young girl – Anne Frank


The Diary of a young girl – Anne Frank 

It is the story of a 13 year old Jewish girl and her family, who were forced into hiding by the Nazi’s during the Second World War. Written during the years 1942-1944, Anne’s diary contains vivid descriptions of the tough years Europe faced during World War II.
This book shook me to my core. Anne is confined in a small space with her family and a few strangers. They need to keep quiet during the day so that no one gets suspicious of their hiding place. So having no one to talk to Anne pours her heart out in her diary. Her musings about the war, her family and the people who are staying with her, the difficulties of being stuck in the same place, her longing for love and acceptance and her hopes about after war are all very descriptive and make you feel for her.
There’s so many life lessons that you learn along with Anne Frank. For example, one day she grumbles about her situation but immediately thinks of other less fortunate people who have died in the war and thanks God for what she has. How many of us do that? What I liked more is that she is her best critic and tries to correct herself.
You can understand her anger, her loneliness, the feeling of being cornered. All those feelings bottled up just to burst into tears when you are least expecting it. I would recommend this book to all book lovers. It’s the voice of a young girl who grew up too fast and is wise beyond her age. You would want to know what happened to her and google some World War II facts later.
The book was emotional and it left me sad. You are bound to shed some tears for that bright soul.
After reading this book, I too want to maintain a diary. Maybe someday my family will get to know me better.

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