Unlawful Justice – Vish Dhamija

Author – Vish Dhamija

Genre – Mystery

Publisher – Harper Collins India


🌟🌟 🌟 🌟🌟  for this book.

I really enjoyed this thriller. Vish Dhamija’s writing is fantastic. His choice of words did make me google and learn a few new words. It is an absolute page turner.

It all starts with a brutal attack and rape of Baby, the daughter of the Diwan family’s household help by a filthy rich teenager Maheep Singh. Vansh Diwan, a criminal lawyer is torn between choosing justice for the girl and the wrath of a powerful client. His wife Priti does not support her husband’s decision of withdrawing the complaint seeks the help of an old friend. Akash Hingorani, a top criminal lawyer is Baby’s last chance. What starts as a rape case evolves into a murder investigation.

I emotionally connected with this book. The characters are so well written that it makes you understand why they react the way they do. Β Their fears and anger are totally relatable and you want justice along with them. The courtroom drama was powerful. Akash, Priti and Vansh pull you into their lawyers world. It was fascinating to know how the defense strategies are formed using the loopholes of the system to help the accused. It also shows how money plays a vital role in the justice department.

Little snippets of information about the legal practice in India are an added bonus. Β The book is worth the time and money.

Thank you bookgirl_sulagna for recommending this book. I came across it in her insta feed and thought of buying it. I am glad that I did. Now Vish Dhamija has become one of my favorite authors. I am very much looking forward to reading his other books too.

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